Furtherfield: Infrastructure, Platform, Network

Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett (furtherfield) interviewed by Randall Packer


RC: It was at the stage the web was just taking off and we were able to make webpages by patching together bits of html, we could teach ourselves to do that, […] and then sharing our early reviews of art that we thought deserved discussion on topics that we thought deserved discussion with people all around the world and just found oursleves in a network of really interstsing people who were intersted in building their own art context and I think that was where the adventure started really, just understanding that the web being as unformed as it was in the early 90s meant that we could work with the people we connected with to shape the socual relations through which the artwork eas experienced. That was the first explosion of excitement, a sense of something really interesting and worth doing.


RC: I think one of the things that’s useful in the idea of the platform is that its a space that is constructed, that is deliberately constructed to enable certain kinds of interactions and collaborations and behaviours and I think that’s why it works really well as a description for what furtherfield is.

Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett