Robert Filliou,
Video Breakfasting with Roy Kiyooka (1979), Video Still

Clive Robertson
introducing Robert Filliou's Porta Filliou (1977), Richard Saltoun Gallery, London, January 2015

Graham Henderson,
Art is Not Explanation (2015), action for Art's Birthday 2015: What is Peace?, London, January 2015

'On the same basis as Kassel [Documenta], why couldn’t there be a show, like a biennale or a triennale or a quartrennale, of work by artists that deals with the specific problem of making the world a world with peace and harmony?'

- Robert Filliou, 1982 (Thompson 2011, 153)

THE NEXT ART-OF-PEACE BIENNALE 2015-17 resumes Robert Filliou's artistic and curatorial question ‘what shapes peace'? The first edition of the biennale was the exhibition ‘Zugehend auf eine Biennale des Friedens’ (or ‘Towards an Art-of-Peace Biennale’) organised by René Block in 1985. Future editions were intended to travel, have different curators and take different forms. Notwithstanding Louwrien Wijers’ important ‘Art Meets Science and Spirituality in a Changing Economy (AmSSE)’ symposia of 1990s, the Biennale in Hamburg remains by name the inaugural, sole edition of the Art-of-Peace Biennale and is ripe for exploration now, after globalisation and after the net. THE NEXT ART-OF-PEACE BIENNALE 2015-7 asks 'what shapes peace today'?

THE NEXT ART-OF-PEACE BIENNALE 2015-17 is a nomadic biennale, a biennale-as-meeting, as-workshop, as-network fulfilling Filliou’s aims for periodical gatherings of artists ‘presenting their individual contributions to this collective research.' Organised by self-appointed curator Roddy Hunter, the current edition considers opportunities and limitations of network art practice given dependence on the internet's military-information-entertainment complex of ‘globalisation’ that could supplant the ‘globalism’ of communication sought by Filliou's post-avantgarde, utopian late twentieth century generation. It is intended as a network of online and offline ‘manifestations, meanderings, meditations, microcosms, macrocosms, mixtures, meanings …’ (Filliou 1970, 202).

I/You/We* are the artist/s**, the curator/s**, the organiser/s**, the advocate/s**, the critic/s**, the teacher/s**, the student/s**, the mystic/s**, the lover/s**, the poet/s**, the guerilla/s**, the peacelord/s**, the nomad/s**, the networker/s**, the politican/s**, the architect/s**, the ambassador/s**, the government/s**, the parent/s**, the child/ren** of the Art-of-Peace.

Correspondence is welcomed and encouraged to hello [at] peacebiennale [dot] info or get in touch here.

*‘Welcome to all of you - - and in the words and wishes of Robert Filliou, whose dream of an Art-of-Peace Biennale has brought us all together,

When we say you, we mean us,
and when we say artists
we mean you also.’

- Emmet Williams’ Opening address, Zugehend auf eine Biennale des Friedens

** delete as applicable