'The Art of Peace begins with you.'
- Morihei Ueshiba

THE NEXT ART-OF-PEACE BIENNALE 2015-17 takes place anywhere in the world continuously from 17 January 2015 - 17 January 2017.

Participation is open to anyone, whoever you are, wherever you are, on the basis that ideally:
/ all work should be play /
/ all work should be collaborative /
/ all work should be a contribution to the Art-of-Peace /
/ all work should be accessible online and offline, in whole or in part /

/ learn something from someone to whom you can teach something /
/ share something sometime innocently and imaginatively /
/ make a proposal to re-imagine the world and then re-imagine the world with others /
/ think not of being-in-the-world, but being-in-the-world-with-others /
/ research the possibilities of The Eternal Network /

If you do any or all of these things you will be participating in THE NEXT ART-OF-PEACE BIENNALE 2015-17. You are in it already, it is all around you and it belongs to us only as long as we practise making contributions to the Art-of-Peace. Be careful others don't steal it back for their own ends.

THE NEXT ART-OF-PEACE BIENNALE 2015-17 offers as common resource, so we'd be happy to feature your contribution here. We'll also send you a limited edition, numbered THE NEXT ART-OF-PEACE BIENNALE 2015-17 postcard. Share your contributions by e-mailing hello [at] peacebiennale [dot] info or by contacting us here.