May, 2015 Monthly archive

Dear Art-of-Peacemaker,

Welcome to the weblog of The Next Art-Of-Peace Biennale 2015-17. Here you can find out more about the curatorial ideas behind the Biennale and the broader research project ‘Curating the Eternal Network After Globalisation’.

You may be aware of Robert Filliou (1926 – 1987) already and that ‘The Art-of-Peace Biennale’ was originally his concept and research project. His appetite for research as ‘the domain of those who do not know’, rather than the privilege of those who know led to concepts such as ‘The Art-of-Peace Biennale’ but countless others including ‘The Eternal Network’, ‘Art’s Birthday’, and ‘The Territory of the Genial Republic’.

image: Robert Filliou, ‘La Territoire de la République Géniale’, 1971

 image: ‘La Territoire de la République Géniale’ remediated during ‘Art’s Birthday 2015: What is Peace?’, London, 2015

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